Our community is comprised of the Barangays 128, 105 and 101 of metropolitan Manila, the area commonly known as "Temporary Housing" in Tondo district.

It is a context of extreme precariousness and need, where children and youth are particularly vulnerable to abuse, and where it is extremely difficult for them to grow and emerge. 

Tondo Community Initiative (TCI) thrives on the contributions of all stakeholders in the community and the city at large, and is open to everyone. 

It actively promotes ownership in the community itself. 

Its role is primarily to offer a space - both physical and imagined - where all those already active and excelling can fully express their potential. 

Tondo Community Initiative directly implements only the services no other actor is currently delivering in the territory, its aim being primarily to connect and fill the gaps as to ensure the ultimate goal of young people from the community succeeding in life. 



There are a number of civil society organisations active in our community: national and international, faith based and lay, committed to delivering education and health services. Many excel in what they do, all are committed to the people in the community.

To tackle the roots of the problems faced by the community we need to operate in connection and coordination.

No single organisation can do this on its own, but all can contribute to a deep, positive change for the community.



Year Established



  • Tutorials for primary and secondary school students

  • Alternative Learning System (ALS)

  • Makerspace / Labz

Social Work

  • Outreach
  • Child Protection
  • Health Care

Youth For Change

  • Build Leadership
  • Inspire
  • Connect to study and job opportunities that exist in Metro Manila and the Philippines


Tondo Community Initiative is a collaboration between these organisations:

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Additionally, local organisations that are working together with us include:

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Vitamin Angels
Bless The Children


Help Build Tondo Community Initiative

If you or your organisation are interested in collaborating with TCI, please send us your contact and background information on the form below:


Smokey Mountain Development and Reclamation Project

Paradise Heights, Brgy. 128, Balut,

Tondo, Manila


Job Opportunities

The following positions are currently open (click each one for additional information):

To apply for a position with TCI, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: hr@tondocommunity.org 


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